The transportation of medical items is not something that should be handled by a national delivery service like FedEx. When medical supplies, substances, or documents are being moved, there are certain factors which render it imperative that a trained professional is on the job. Entrusting a large or untrained company with one’s medical transportation needs […]

Courier services do not just represent the transition of a package from one place to another. The best businesses in the industry value certain traits that ensure the highest quality service. Excellent driving skills are certainly a necessity, but the true professionals demand much more from their couriers. So what makes a courier service great? […]

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The information age is here. New technology has given rise to new needs in a wide range of industries. Increasingly, businesses are demanding their products arrive shortly after the order is placed. If they’re not getting them right away, their competitors might have an advantage. Hospitals might need materials for an urgent procedure. A pharmaceutical […]

You see them zipping past you on bikes, or passing by you on the crowded city streets.

It wasn’t so long ago that our mail, our orders, and our large shipments were more or less out in the ether once they left your home or business.